Friday, August 29, 2008

Anyone out there?

Well, this is all new to us here. I guess we'll just keep writing something when we can and hope that someone will ask us a good question! This is, however, the Labor Day Weekend coming up, so I guess everyone is looking to get out of town!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Grand Opening!

Today marks the first day of our new blog. We are here to answer any questions anyone may have related to jewelry, gemstones, appraisals etc. We will try to provide unbiased info to anyone who poses a question! Topics may include diamonds, rubies, emeralds and any other type of gemstone. Questions can relate to appraisals, value, quality grading etc. While we can't provide dollar values on items based on descriptions provided to us through the internet(that would be unprofessional and unethical), we can provide guidance. Feel free to ask away and we will try to help. Our team of appraisers has experience ranging up to 24 years in the jewelry business, so all topics can be answered with confidence.